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Miller Genuine Draft

Creating an “exceptional” music experience


When the right place, the good vibe, the perfect song and a Miller Genuine Draft come together, EXCEPTIONAL HAPPENS. These are the pillars by which the brand lives and breathes.

Miller Genuine Draft was looking for a way to bring this experience that is usually lived in discotheques to the digital plane.



Recognizing the emotional power of music and how interactive digital games and challenges can be, we decided to create a campaign that would merge all these elements. We focus on creating an experience around the challenge and fun of being a DJ.


We created The Exceptional Beat microsite to make it easy for our consumers to create their own homemade mixes, without the need for complicated equipment. We encourage you to choose from a series of predefined beats, created by DJ Vane especially for the brand, and to overlay your own sound effects.

We also decided to recreate the experience of being a DJ in a simpler, but highly interactive way, with an Instagram DJ Booth . Through a series of stories on instagram, our followers could tap forward or backward to trigger various beats and create their own musical mix in seconds.


The results were worthy of recognition at the regional level. We were able to establish an emotional connection with our consumers and at the same time strengthen the brand pillars. We managed to bring true value to the consumer by facilitating the creation of their own high-quality blends.


Increase in interaction rates


Greater reach than previous content


High quality mix deliveries


Place as internal brand's best practice

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