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A fresh, happy and youthful identity for social networks


Welch's , an iconic brand internationally. Known for its delicious juices, jellies, and fruit-based products, especially grapes. They sought to establish their digital presence at the regional level and promote their products while maintaining their essence.


Nutritious, delicious and convenient. Welch's is the ideal snack for the little ones. They offer moms a rich option to keep their children healthy .

To appeal to this audience of young moms, we created a fresh, joyous and youthful personality that will shine through in your digital communication.

We chose a vivid and colorful color palette. We play with fun ways to present the product, highlight its benefits, and promote a healthy lifestyle, embodying the uvita as a character.

Through "Momfluencers" , we managed to amplify our message to a group of young moms, which managed to increase the credibility of the brand.

Taking advantage of the launch of Sparkling Welch's, we sent them a “Sparkling Gift Box” that included all the accessories necessary to make their own “mocktails” , an idea especially perfect for the end of the year celebrations.

Welch's came to life throughout the region, and we managed to position ourselves as a trusted choice for moms. Demonstrating Welch's benefits for both the little ones and their mothers.

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